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Transform Your Life - Treatments For:
Stopping Smoking, Low Self-Esteem, Lack Of Confidence, Fears & Phobias, Weight Problems, Compulsive Behaviours, Alcohol & Substance Misuse, Trauma & Bereavement, Stress, Panic Attacks ...


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"Looking back I can now see that I was unable to handle the stress and pressure of my work. As a result I started to drink as a means of escape which resulted in yet more problems and pressures.

I did, however, make one good decision by contacting Alan Clark. Alan was very good at listening. He is non-judgemental and he very quickly realised that my drinking was not the cause of the problem but only a symptom!

Hypnotherapy was a completely new concept to me but Alan explained it very carefully to me and made me feel totally at ease.

Alan has empowered me to deal with life's pressures and problems and has enabled me to regain control of my life."



"I feel absolutely fantastic after my totally successful quit smoking sessions with Alan. I have new vitality, no more clothes reeking of tobacco smoke, and money to spend on things I really like, rather than it literally going up in smoke.

"My willpower always let me down in the past but the sessions really turned my thinking around and allowed me to replace that old habit with new and healthier ones - no willpower involved as I was in total agreement with them. I really do have a great new life now".

Stephen Courrier, Ex-Smoker


"I consider my time with Alan a life line, it has become an integral part of my life. As we have overcome one thing and dealt with it slowly something else has come to the surface and we are able to deal with it - a bit like unravelling a present, one layer at a time.

I originally contacted Alan to help with anger management although through my sessions it has become more and more apparent that my anger is in fact fear and my reaction to being scared/fearful is anxiety which appears as anger to the outside world! Once this became obvious I found it easier to stop, think, take a deep breath, consider the actual situation as opposed the feared situation. Our sessions have then progressed to confidence building as I found that a lot of my fears developed from my own lack of self confidence.

Alan has never told me how or what to think, he has been my guide and given me the key to unlock my subconscious."

Rebecca Beard

"Being a first-time pregnant woman I had worries about having a baby - the labour and delivery.
But hypnotherapy sessions with Alan helped me relax and to be more confident about pain and labour.

I found the relaxation techniques very useful not only during my pregnancy but for also reducing my anxieties in general. I will certainly recommend him to my friends".

Susan Duncan


"It's been ages now since my quit session and I've lost count of the number of weeks since I stopped. I haven't even thought about having a cigarette. I wish I'd done it years ago".

Helen Gooden, ex-smoker.


Hypnotherapist Alan Clark can help you Transform Your Life. Addlestone Surrey Hpnotherapy Practice

Alan C. Clark
(Dip. S.A.C.H.Hyp.)


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Contact Details For My Surrey Hypnotherapy Practice

  Phone: 01932 886 980
  Address: 22 Joinville Place, Addlestone, near Weybridge,
Surrey KT15 2HP
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  Alan C. Clark (Dip. S.A.C.H. Hyp. & Adv.)  

Surrey Hypnotherapist

Addlestone near Weybridge, Surrey

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Alan Clark's Hypnotherapy Practice has moved from High Street Weybridge Surrey to Addlestone Surrey
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