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  "I feel absolutely fantastic after my totally successful quit smoking sessions with Alan.  
  I have new vitality, no more clothes reeking of tobacco smoke, and money to spend on things I really like, rather than it literally going up in smoke...."  
  Stephen Courrier
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  "I consider my time with Alan a life line. Hypnotherapy has become an integral part of my life...  
  Rebecca Beard  


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Offering a friendly, personable approach towards various conditions...
whether they be physical, emotional or of the mind.


>  What Hypnotherapy Can Do For You

With professional help, your health, your confidence and morale can improve dramatically in a short period of time. Hypnotherapy can help you lead a much happier life, free from the slavery of unwanted conditions and behaviours.



Improvements in your well-being can also bring a great change in the lives of your friends and family, as they can share in your new happiness and fulfilment, freed from previous restrictions and worries.



Conditions I Treat

Here's a brief list of some of the conditions that can benefit from the skilled application of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling;




Stopping Smoking

Low Self-Esteem


Lack Of Confidence

Compulsive Behaviours




Alcohol Misuse

Substance Misuse  




Panic Attacks



Learn for yourself, with professional guidance, how to access your own latent abilities in self-healing.


Save Money Through Hypnotherapy!

There can often be big financial gains for you from being treated by hypnotherapy. Saving thousands of pounds from giving up smoking is an obvious example. Similarly savings from other compulsive behaviours or addictions such as gambling and drinking.


But there are also potential financial benefits from many other hypnotherapy treated conditions. For example, you can start to lead a more fulfilling life, and with more confidence, freed from previous restrictions that were holding you back, you can do better in your job or career.


What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is really a state of conscious relaxation, in comparison with the unconscious relaxation of sleep.


In sleep, the normal, everyday, waking mind is, to a large extent, closed down, allowing for a full re-charge of the body's batteries and perhaps only being disturbed by a loud noise - or an alarm clock!


In hypnosis the client is aware of what is happening - not unconscious as in sleep - and allows and consents to being guided by the hypnotherapist in exploring the particular area or areas which are of concern.


This communication between hypnotherapist and client is a two-way interactive one and not at all a "do as I say" situation - hence the use of a question-and-answer dialogue between the two of them.


Indeed, even beyond that, the real communication is between the client's normal, functional, conscious mind and his or her sub consciousness.

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  Success Rate?
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  After The sessions?
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  effects Like Putting
  On Weight?
  Cost / Number Of Treatments  
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hypnosis Surrey
psychotherapy Surrey
counselling Surrey
  "It's been ages now since my quit session and I've lost count of the number of weeks since I stopped. I haven't even thought about smoking I wish I'd done it years ago".  
  Helen Gooden
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  "Hypnotherapy was a completely new concept to me but Alan explained it very carefully to me and made me feel totally at ease.  
  Alan has empowered me to deal with life's pressures and problems and has enabled me to regain control of my life."  

This can be illustrated by someone who wants to give up smoking, for instance.


At the subconscious level, he or she knows that it is harmful to health, but the "conscious" mind won't let them quit because of the "benefits" and "pay-offs" it gives them. "It relaxes me", "it helps me concentrate", and so on.


From this internal dialogue, the hypnotherapist helps the small voice of the client's sub consciousness to become empowered and, at the same time, take away the megaphone that the smoking habit has been shouting through, which, up until now, has been calling the shots, against the real will of the client.


  Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"I consider my time with Alan a life line, it has become an integral part of my life. As we have overcome one thing and dealt with it slowly something else has come to the surface and we are able to deal with it - a bit like unravelling a present, one layer at a time.

I originally contacted Alan to help with anger management although through my sessions it has become more and more apparent that my anger is in fact fear and my reaction to being scared/fearful is anxiety which appears as anger to the outside world! Once this became obvious I found it easier to stop, think, take a deep breath, consider the actual situation as opposed the feared situation. Our sessions have then progressed to confidence building as I found that a lot of my fears developed from my own lack of self confidence.

Alan has never told me how or what to think, he has been my guide and given me the key to unlock my subconscious."

Rebecca Beard


What Hypnosis Is Not

We've all seen or heard about stage show hypnotists who ask for volunteers from the audience to come up and be made to perform, after being hypnotised, various acts which they otherwise would not do.


Braying like a donkey, walking on all fours while barking like a dog and so on and so forth.

  ... WRONG  

These volunteers are actually participating in the entertainment spectacle and, I suspect, would even like to conduct the proceedings themselves, if they were able.


They want to be there, up on stage, and that is the whole point. You cannot be forced to be hypnotised. You have to take part.


The hypnotist is not forcing them to bark like a dog and certainly could not get them, by suggestion, to "do" something they did not want to do.


This is a common mis-conception about hypnosis and that is why I would never on the first meeting with a client attempt a deep, hypnotic trance. I always give a purely relaxing introduction to the hypnotic state, where clients can just "put their toes in the water" and see for themselves how relaxing it is and can dispel any doubts, by experiencing for themselves what exactly is involved.


I have never yet had an adverse reaction, even to the extent that some people actually don't want to come back from the state of relaxation they find themselves in!

sURREY Hypnotherapist Alan Clark can help you Transform Your Life. Addlestone Surrey Hpnotherapy Practice Alan C. Clark
(Dip. S.A.C.H.Hyp.)


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  Phone: 01932 886 980
  Address: 22 Joinville Place, Addlestone, near Weybridge,
Surrey KT15 2HP
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  Alan C. Clark (Dip. S.A.C.H. Hyp. & Adv.)  

Surrey Hypnotherapist

Addlestone near Weybridge, Surrey

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